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Red shirt, Bangkok, Thailand, Tailandia


Red shirt, Bangkok, Thailand, Tailandia
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28 Apr 2011 00:03
Red shirt, Bangkok, Thailand, Tailandia
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Red shirt, Bangkok, Thailand, Tailandia

Località: Bangkok

Data inizio viaggio: venerdì 16 aprile 2010
Data fine viaggio: venerdì 23 aprile 2010
Actually they’re not called that, but there are a few ticked-off runway models being deprived of income now that Bangkok international fashion week has been postponed a second time because Rajprasong Road is under siege. The clothing extravaganza at Siam Paragon now awaits rescheduling around the end of may, and meanwhile something like 13,000 people who work in the area have been affected. Clotheshorse Yosawadee ”Yo” Hassadeevijit says most models are out of work too. We’ve been stuck at home for three weeks now, she told ASTV during ednesday’s rally of multicoloured shirts. The red rally is affecting hundreds of thousands of people. I need to earn a living, but they come and occupy my workplace! Can’t they go somewhere else? Yo considers herself an ordinary Thai. Just like the reds, I’m here to show my love for the country and the King, but also my disagreement with the red shirts.Yo was taking multicoloured notes for her fellow models. We might form a group too, she said, sharpening her stiletto heels.

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Red shirt, Bangkok, Thailand, Tailandia

Red shirt, Bangkok, Thailand, Tailandia

Red shirt, Bangkok, Thailand, Tailandia

Red shirt, Bangkok, Thailand, Tailandia
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