Small Group Adventure Tours

località: tadrart acacus
regione: libya
stato: libyan arab jamahiriya (ly)

Data inizio viaggio: domenica 10 febbraio 2008
Data fine viaggio: domenica 17 febbraio 2008

The mountainous region of tadrart Acacus, located in the southwestern corner of Libya, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Scattered throughout the most of the area's valleys are spectacular painted and pecked cave art. Please note that there are no hotels in the area of the Acacus Mountains where the rock art is located. Camping is required to visit the area.

Day 1: In the afternoon, transfer to the airport for the flight from Tripoli to the Touareg village of Ghat, located in the far south-western area of the country. Camp for the next five nights. (D).

Day 2: Located on the border with Algeria deep in the Libya Sahara, Ghat was built as a protective outpost and trading center for caravans crossing the desert. Today the old town, dominated by a picturesque Italian fort and the imposing massif of Kaf el Djenun, is mainly deserted.

There will be time to explore the village, including the Touareg Mosque before beginning our adventure by four-wheel drive vehicles. We will travel into the Akakus Mountains where we see the monolithic Touareg "thumb" at Adhad Akakus. As we continue deeper into the mountains, we will view many of the superb Neolithic cave painting and drawings that are plentiful in the area. If we are lucky, we may even meet up with some of Touareg who live there. (B/L/D).

Days 3-5: The Idehan Murzuq is one of the world's greatest sand dune deserts covering an area almost the size of Switzerland. Here we visit the unique Wadi Methkandoush, a notable contrast to the barren stone desert surrounding it. Among the cliffs of sandstone are carvings of fine animals, including elephant, hippopotamus, crocodile, giraffe and ostrich, all suggesting a much more hospitable climate existed in the past, when water was abundant. (B/L/D).

Day 6: Today we visit Germa to visit the royal cemetery of the great Garamantian Empire. This civilization held power in the Sahara for over 1000 years. In the afternoon, we continue to the lakes of Ramlat Dawada in the Ubari-Erg area. We will visit several of the beautiful palm-fringed lakes including Mavo, Gabaroun (where there is an opportunity for swimming) Oum al-maa, and Mandara. We take the evening flight from Sabha to Tripoli. Overnight in the al-Kenadi Hotel for two nights. (B/L/D).

Day 7: Today is free to relax in Tripoli. Gather this evening for our final dinner party in an elegant local restaurant. (B/D).

Day 8: Transfer to Airport. (B).

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