località: libya
regione: tripoli
stato: libyan arab jamahiriya (ly)

Data inizio viaggio: mercoledì 10 settembre 2008
Data fine viaggio: sabato 20 settembre 2008

!!!! you will be in the hands of the nature and in the arms of the sand dunies where the moon will eliminate your night and you will have great talking with the stars since when you are getting that real cup of green tea .

We do have the rock painting and the craffites which back for more then athoushands of years and also we do have the nature lakes with salty water in the middle of desert and alot of things !!!!! this is only the desert part .

On the cost you can get all about the romane history and turkish and phonician aswell .

Such ( sabratha and leptis magna and tripoli and appolonia and cyrinica )

Thats only small things about libya just to open you eyes on the country and to start get more about it .

Once again ..thank you and looking forward to hear from you

Mahmmoud akka

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