Su e giú per le montagne .....

località: berna, ginevra, s. moritz
stato: svizzera (ch)

Data inizio viaggio: mercoledì 6 giugno 2001
Data fine viaggio: lunedì 11 giugno 2001

The jet d'eau, or fountain, is one of the best known sights of Geneva. It rises to a height of 140 meters (460 ft).

The original fountain of 1886 was much smaller and was not intended as a tourist attraction. A company which pumped water under pressure to run machines in the city's craft industries put a small valve in one of the pipes to make it easier to decrease the pressure in the evening when demand dropped. The fountain created when the valve was opened was only about 30 meters high.

The city authorities realised its tourism potential and moved the fountain to its present position in 1891. It was first lit up on August 2nd of that year, as part of the celebrations of the 600th anniversary of the foundation of Switzerland.

Schlitteda, S. Moritz, Graubünden (GR)
Young people wearing traditional costume ride in ornate horse-drawn sleighs.

Unlike most customs, the Schlitteda has no specific date, but is held on a Sunday in January or February decided on by the young people of the village. The destination is a village about two hours ride away. The sleighs are accompanied by bands, and the ride ends with a dance.

Originally only unmarried couples took part; today it is a festival for the whole village.

Bear Pits in Bern (BE)
The bear is Bern's heraldic animal. Legend has it that a bear was the first animal caught by the city's founder, Berchtold V von Zähringen, when hunting in the area, and he named the city after it.

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